Message API set up in PHP


I have to send the message through Line message API. I have installed the PHP SDK from GIT https://github.com/line/line-bot-sdk-php. I am trying to use example with passing Channel ID & Secret Toket . I am not getting any thing on front end. I have using the Script $textMessageBuilder = new \LINE\LINEBot\MessageBuilder\TextMessageBuilder('hello'); $response = $bot->replyMessage('<Secret Token>', $textMessageBuilder); if ($response->isSucceeded()) { echo 'Succeeded!'; return; } // Failed echo $response->getHTTPStatus() . ' ' . $response->getRawBody();

I am not getting any output or anything on the screen. Could you please help me to sending message through Script to any Line User.

Regards Samrat

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did you setup any server perfectly for run that project and set that URL for webhook URL? can you send that server address and webhook url? I also run that git project by using heroku server and it run perfectly. may be I can help you to solve that problem.

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