unable to send message to multiple users https://api.line.me/v2/bot/message/multicast

Hi Team, I am unable to send message to multiple users. If i want to send message to multiple users, which users channel access token has to be used in the header?

when i send message to multiple users, it goes to only one user not others. please help me.

API :https://api.line.me/v2/bot/message/multicast Headers Authorization: Bearer yNUK0457INhnn50f9Z9BFPIAJJNd28DWzDlHDDheMegGIyrN0yatLgN19x+vV9VYVxVKLMMsl9qXA1x5D41DUTbDf1RyEm9OBl5eoM4KFs3Jp+Kz7jwZOinnx7gmXL7c4b1jS6HHSJ2TNmJHTEbErAdB04t89/1O/w1cDnyilFU=,SYJdh/KQT1X64qtzKdCtoXlqDlp45iVbbCqwfyKrGeCg/gNGVpf0Iga/sPdZTMbC1CgsukuLMoz1II200gw+8xqTDMRDECw3nr1WieM+eDFsj6IaBeO4g+mPXqH3VNz1hGk0ARv2Egh0x9tPQqFYGQdB04t89/1O/w1cDnyilFU=

Content-Type:application/json Body: { "to": ["U9de0102ab382c20d995147ac87c78403","U5f9a61f47f6b71696b49a7f86951d876"], "messages":[ { "type":"text", "text":"Hello, world10" }, { "type":"text", "text":"Hello, world11" } ] }

Message is going to this user only "U9de0102ab382c20d995147ac87c78403" . it doesnt go to "U5f9a61f47f6b71696b49a7f86951d876" . please check it and help me.

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As for the messenging api is concerned, the only token you should be using is the one issued for your bot. You shouldn't have more than one token unless you're running multiple projects. It will also need to have push notification privilege to use multicast.

Just from what you've posted, I'm not spotting any problems. Have you made sure that user U5f9a61f47f6b71696b49a7f86951d876 has added the bot as a friend and also not blocked the bot? Multicast also does not work with groups and rooms

Also, you probably don't want to reveal your access token to the public, make sure you go and issue a new one so the one you've posted becomes invalid.

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本当によろしいですか? question.vm