I am unable to send message to multiple users. If i want to send message to multiple users, which users channel access token has to be used in the header?

when i send message to multiple users, it goes to only one user not others. please help me.

API :https://api.line.me/v2/bot/message/multicast Headers Authorization: Bearer yNUK0457INhnn50f9Z9BFPIAJJNd28DWzDlHDDheMegGIyrN0yatLgN19x+vV9VYVxVKLMMsl9qXA1x5D41DUTbDf1RyEm9OBl5eoM4KFs3Jp+Kz7jwZOinnx7gmXL7c4b1jS6HHSJ2TNmJHTEbErAdB04t89/1O/w1cDnyilFU=,SYJdh/KQT1X64qtzKdCtoXlqDlp45iVbbCqwfyKrGeCg/gNGVpf0Iga/sPdZTMbC1CgsukuLMoz1II200gw+8xqTDMRDECw3nr1WieM+eDFsj6IaBeO4g+mPXqH3VNz1hGk0ARv2Egh0x9tPQqFYGQdB04t89/1O/w1cDnyilFU=
Content-Type:application/json Body: { "to": ["U9de0102ab382c20d995147ac87c78403","U5f9a61f47f6b71696b49a7f86951d876"], "messages":[ { "type":"text", "text":"Hello, world10" }, { "type":"text", "text":"Hello, world11" } ] }

Message is going to this user only "U9de0102ab382c20d995147ac87c78403" . it doesnt go to "U5f9a61f47f6b71696b49a7f86951d876" . please check it and help me.

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if we send the message to multiple users, In authorization header which users access token has to pass?

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What is the received response body ? and if user unfollow bot, cannot send message.

You may want to check userId using profile api. https://developers.line.me/en/reference/messaging-api/#get-profile

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本当によろしいですか? question.vm