Interaction with spreadsheets?

Good Afternoon,

I'll keep it short and sweet, is it possible to have the bot hook text in a predetermined format from a chat and add it to a google spreadsheet? For example

Entered in chat: 15,75,10

Would hook and put into Spreadsheet

Line Name A B C Person 15 75 10

And then perhaps send a message back saying 'details logged' or whatever?

If this is possible, a pointer to where to do it would be great, if not, also fine.


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Possible. For example, in Node.js SDK. After you run validateSignature (to make sure the message from LINE platform). You look for an event in req.body.events and handle the event.type "message" with event.message.type "text". Get the event.message.text and use regular expression to check. Use Google Spreadsheet API to handle a spreadsheet to way you like. Then you can use Messaging API to reply or push message to User.

To get user displayName, you can use getProfile method.

See: @line/bot-sdk Message Types SpreadSheet API

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