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Possible. For example, in Node.js SDK. After you run validateSignature (to make sure the message from LINE platform). You look for an event in `req.body.e...

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And i'm browsing it from the package directory, so no use of https needed

You may not need it as a parameter when you call createUri but the result o...

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Sounds like the origin will be from YouTube so, first of all, YouTube must be able to trigger a request to a webhook when you go live. If YouTube doesn't al...

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I think there're several cases depending on what is the system you're intergrating with.

If you're building a new system, let's say in Firebas...

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Make sure imageUrl variable is begin with https Check image size, type, max width, aspect ratio, and url max chars.

Here is the specification. Imag...

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You will need to implement a webhook that save LINE user id into your database when the event type is "follow" and the webhook should update user status to ...

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You cannot do that. I believe the reason may be some malicious developer might use it as a security hole to create endless replies loop.

Bot does not hav...

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It seem authorization not correct

You forgot to prepend "Bearer " in front of your token

it should be "Bearer Bwmt0w4rBtcMivriy2VyH4VzOykZQ22Dkm/xk4bQ...

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~~There is no way to retrieve users from group now (30/08/2018). However, you can detect "follow" and "unfollow" events and save the changes to your databas...

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You can do it via Camera Action. But at this moment (30/08/2018) seem only available...

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