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160 ↑に端末・バージョン情報などを添えてissueをあげると、中の人が対応してくれる可能性が高まると思います。

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Push APIであればcurl等で確認できるので、ボットからの送信APIもPushを利用して実装するのはどうでしょうか。 どうしてもReplyを使いたい場合はLINE(アプリ or PC or Chrome)から定期的に送信する仕組みを作り、APIのレスポンスを確認することで実現できそうです。

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I answered a similar question case of Thailand.

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unfortunately, you cannot do it .

If your account LINE@ Approved accounts or official accounts, you can get all user ids.

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please set userId to 'to' argument. you can see your userId at the bottom of the developer console page.

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What is the received response body ? and if user unfollow bot, cannot send message.

You may want to check userId using profile api. https://developers....

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unfortunately, it doses not exist. I guess it only for internal.

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Unfortunately, you can't. only BLE device that uses the LINE Simple Beacon specification.

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