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API Expert


160 の "LINE@アカウントのLINE公式アカウントへの統合に伴う変更について" の記事がAPIの差分となっています。


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以前の名前はベーシックプランですね。 新プランのフリーも同様の内容のプランになっております。(制限付きですがPushも使えるようになり、無料でできることは増えており...

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It seems difficult. But I have two alternative ideas.

  1. convert jpeg to png on your bot server.
  2. image upload via LIFF. (you can get original image)...

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dataにdisplayTextも含めて送信しておくことで実現可能です。 displayText=xxx といった具合に。

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You can not send carousel template from Official Account Manager.

Do you using messaging api from your system? Please show me part of source code or an...

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UserId can get only webhook object. Following steps can get some userIds. (not all userId)

  1. build endpoint to get and save userId from webhook object...

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If you have not already published channel, you shoud do.

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You can get userId when make friend with bot or send some message to bot.


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No can do. LINE API IP has the possibility of changing. (maybe dynamic IP.) You can verify http request using "Signature validation" https://developers.l...

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