Unable to send messages through share target picker

We are unable to send messages with liff.shareTargetPicker() . Although we can choice the target person, but we cannot have sent the message and received the following error log. What the error log means and what should we do to fix this behaviour?

Also, we cannot find the error details/descriptions in your document. Could you please update the document in order to clarify the error objects and its details?


Issue/ Error Message details

{"result":"FAILURE","resultDescription":"failed to send message"}

index.es.js:1 Uncaught (in promise) Error: failed to send message
    at new t (index.es.js:1:1836)
    at m (index.es.js:1:1920)
    at e.<anonymous> (index.es.js:1:7438)
    at tslib.es6.js:102:23
    at Object.throw (tslib.es6.js:83:53)
    at s (tslib.es6.js:74:56)
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