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Hi I am not profficinal so Please try to explain in simple way I have news website. I have to send news to channel. I create it . I test it . it is working on my main account but no one can login to it . I can't add any one . I scan the QR code and I add some but still news did not push to them how can let people find it in search . can't find it . I have to send the QR Qoad for them. how can I let them also get the news.

note. the channel is working and set correctly . if I send article from my site I can get it on admin account but not any other account thank you for your help

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I also had this similar issue with not being able to let another user test my liff app.

I think if the app is still in development, the only way other users can test your app is if they are part of the channel via some role.

If you go into your Line dev console and into your channel, you'll find roles on the tab. Try to invite them as test user. They will get an invitation via email that will ask them to login via line.

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Are you sure? question.vm