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Hi, I'm developing a chatbot using Node.js. I want to send a one time button template message. When users receive the template and clicks the button once, the button should be disable so that the user cannot click again. In telegram we can edit the messages, Is there a way I can achieve this using Line Message API. I'm new to Line Message API, any advice or help is appreciated. Thank you.

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Found the answer, using quick replies buttons worked!. https://developers.line.biz/en/docs/messaging-api/using-quick-reply/#using-quick-reply-introduction

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If you reply a message against the postback message, it disappers, I think.

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Hi ksyt, Thank you for reply, I looked into Postback but it doesn't have any methods for disabling the button or keyboard.

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It depends on a situation, but postback action will help you. https://developers.line.biz/en/reference/messaging-api/#postback-action

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