Is there any way to prevent LINE Login opens installed native LINE app for authentication process on mobile

Pre condition, Condition to reproduce

— Use LINE Login v2.1 for a web application — LINE app must be installed on your mobile device

Issue/ Error Message details

When user accesses the LINE Login authorization URL via LINE Login button on my web app then it will open the installed native app on user's device After user has granted the required permission then LINE app opens the redirect_uri on browser in a new tab. Because the redirect_uri was opened by LINE app so I don't have a connection between my web app tab from the above step and the new tab that opened by LINE app. Result in, I can't use JS to grab authentication code from the new tab and close it So I'm finding a way to only use web browser for LINE Login without open the installed native LINE app on user's device

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Resolution Tried

Can't find any resolution

Reference information (Version / Platform/ environment)

LINE Login v2.1

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thanks r.f, it works

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I think it is possible by using the disable_auto_login parameter. https://developers.line.biz/en/docs/line-login/integrate-line-login/#making-an-authorization-request

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