About LINE Messaging API Fees

According to the following document, the fees for LINE Messaging API are determined by the number of friends and the number of messages. https://linelabo.net/line-extension-for-business/line-api-price/

For example, if you are using a free plan and have 100 friends on your LINE official account.
You can only broadcast a message to all your friends up to 10 times a month.
1,000 messages (number of free messages) ÷ 100 people (friends) = 10 times (number of times that can be delivered all at once)

Does this mean that if I send a message to a group chat, my credit will be reduced by the number of members in the group?

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@ksyt Thank you for your prompt and accurate response.

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How to count the number of messages The number of messages is counted by the number of people to whom the message was sent. For example, even if you send a push message with four message objects specified in a single request to a chat room containing five people, the number of messages counted is five. The number of message objects specified in a single request doesn't affect the number of messages sent.

Also, if you send a message to a user ID that has blocked the LINE Official Account, a user ID that doesn't exist, or to any other users that won't actually receive your message, it won't be counted as one message.

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