Number of Audience count created is different from number of audience count in job.

Pre condition, Condition to reproduce

I had request to create audience with 2427 user successfully.

Issue/ Error Message details

I got this response when tried to get status of audience group.


It can be seen that audienceGroup.audienceCount and jobs[0].audienceCount has different number. I know that the number could be different for many reason like user blocking LINE account. but we have been try sending narrow cast without using api before and target reach was upto 2,229 so number of user in audience is really lower than expected.

Is there anyway we can know or verify the reason of missing 382 users?

{ "audienceGroup": { "audienceGroupId": 7063715671910, "createRoute": "MESSAGING_API", "type": "UPLOAD", "description": "test", "status": "READY", "audienceCount": 2045, <-- this "created": 1650939372, "permission": "READ_WRITE", "expireTimestamp": 1666491372, "isIfaAudience": false }, "jobs": [ { "audienceGroupJobId": 67828619, "audienceGroupId": 7063715671910, "description": null, "type": "DIFF_ADD", "status": "FINISHED", "failedType": null, "audienceCount": 2427, <-- and this "created": 1650939372, "jobStatus": "FINISHED" } ] }

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