Error connect EMFILE from LINE API

i get this error message from message api. Error: connect EMFILE - Local (undefined:undefined),Error: getaddrinfo EBUSY api.line.me Here is the code I use:

try {
    result.reply = await client.getNumberOfSentReplyMessages(apiDate)
    result.sentPush = await client.getNumberOfSentPushMessages(apiDate)
    result.sentMulticast = await client.getNumberOfSentMulticastMessages(apiDate)
    result.sentBroadcast = await client.getNumberOfSentBroadcastMessages(apiDate)
    result.messageDeliveries = <Types.NumberOfMessageDeliveries>await client.getNumberOfMessageDeliveries(apiDate) 
} catch (err) {

Can anyone help me with this problem? thank you!

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