Feeding LINE Bot with text from outside and send Push Message to user with a 400 bad request?

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Hi Everyone, Here is my nackground scenario, I'm trying to use line bot as a warning alert reminder, Once there is a warning event, line bot should send a warning message to user What I've tried: I've tried to send a message content with Postman to my Line bot webhook, which the message content was in JSON format. The message content includes the warning text I want to send to user and the user ID, In the Python line bot program, I've wrote that if a http request was sent from Postman to webhook, Then line bot should send the messeage to the user via push message.

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As I sent the HTTP Post request from Postman, The user could recieve the message successfully, However, Postman showed a 400 bad request. What could be wrong? Why is there a 400 bad request even the message sent to the user successfully? Is it because I'm using a wrong X-LINE-Signature? But I've already cheched the X-LINE-Signature(channel secret) from line developer Can anyone Help?

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HTTP Request Source: Postman Line bot: Python application Published on Heroku

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Probably you use sdk and it checks X-LINE-Signature. In this case, you should add another endpoint for your first webhook for the alert event. The endpoint doesn't check X-LINE-Signature (because the webhook doesn't have it) and checks another signature to avoid security issue.

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