How to avoid auto-response time delay while using LINE Messaging API

We implemented the auto-response message(Flex, carousel, Richmenu) against keyword using the LINE Messaging API on the SFMC Group Connect. Everything works fine, but gets a reply message after some delay (up to 10-15 seconds).

To reduce the delay time , we used small size images(less than 1 MB) in API payload as mentioned on their help doc(https://developers.line.biz/en/reference/messaging-api/#flex-message) with recommanded dimensions(max 1040 x 1040)

Even if we send text message also getting the same time delay.

How to avoid delays while sending the message using LINE API.

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As I test on my server, it doesn't reproduce. I got reply in 1sec~5sec. In such a situation and if I were you, I'd check your network and how long your system takes completing a request at first.

I define the request time is from (receiving webhook) to (get response for your request from messaging api)

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