Reply Message API and Push Message API are failing with the error messageStatus: {status: "failed", error: "read ECONNRESET"}

We are using Reply Message API (https://developers.line.biz/en/reference/messaging-api/#send-reply-message) for automating our chatbot responses on LINE.

However, the Reply Message API seems to be unstable. The API is failing to hit the server intermittently with the error {status: "failed", error: "read ECONNRESET"}

We have tried solving it by keeping the socket alive using http agent for the request. But still we were not able to solve this. For all the success response we get the x-line-request-id in the headers whereas the failed request are being catched with status code 500 or 503 where we don't get the same.

Also, we ensured that the Reply Message API was called within 30 seconds after receiving the user message.

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https://www.line-community.me/ja/question/617aa1c9d5929ae646b1ff1d If you can't get response like that, the root cause is that your network or proxy have some problems. You can ask your netwrok provider.

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