Flex Message from simulator cannot display on LINE Device

Pre condition, Condition to reproduce

I copied the example coming from https://developers.line.biz/flex-simulator/ into a Flex Message. I removed the spacer component as it is not supported anymore (maybe the example should be updated)

Here is the payload I send to the Messaging API: https://app.snipsave.com/snippet/pwOTnHyvTyylMPlK42

Issue/ Error Message details

I received the following error from the Messaging API:

  "message": "A message (messages[0]) in the request body is invalid",
  "details": [
      "message": "invalid property",
      "property": "/hero/layout"

Since the hero is an image, complaining about an invalid layout is rather unexpected

Accompanying respective source code


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Ok, the mistake was in my code. I was adding an empty layout property when I was marshaling.

The spacer should not be in the sample anymore though.

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Are you sure? question.vm