OGP (Open Graph Protocol) image is not rendered on line chat

Pre condition, Condition to reproduce

Please try sending this URL on line chat to someone: https://tnexta.com/koukan-meishi-nuxt/?t=tn&k=oCbag5nA0YmXWz5BLM3Fkx8P0z&openExternalBrowser=1

Issue/ Error Message details

It should display https://s3-ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/nexta-meishi/profiles/tn/SNNUzBZOYVRWSVid49UgJ2vAHzRT9KV9k33Zzspu.jpg as og:image but it is not getting displayed. However, it is displayed on other apps like Facebook, Slack, MS Teams etc.

Accompanying respective source code

Resolution Tried

Reference information (Version / Platform/ environment)

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Shiraki-san, it fixed my issue!! Thank you so much for noticing the error!!

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It seems wrong your meta tag. Please use "property" instead of "name" in meta tag.


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