Cannot open image from reply message in LINE mobile app

I have used LINE messaging API to reply with the image. It works perfectly on my LINE Windows app and my co-worker's phone (iOS) but it doesn't work on my phone (not even shown the preview image).

I have searched for this issue for many days but didn't find any info. Can anybody help me with this issue?

My problem phone: Samsung Galaxy S8+ (Android 9)

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I have already tested with LINE on other OS and it works perfectly so I don't think the problem is the imageURL. (Just in case, I also try other URLs but the result is the same.) In terms of valid URL, I have opened both preview and original image URLs on browsers. it shows normally and both image file sizes are smaller than the requirement.

Recently, I also checked on MacOS and another Android device. The problem still occurs only in Android.

For now, I use Image carousel template instead of Image message as a workaround.

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is your previewImageUrl valid? sometimes previewImageUrl and originalContentUrl need all valid so then the LINE app can show the image .

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Are you sure? question.vm