(Android) videoPlayComplete Event not Sent until Leaving the Chat

Pre condition, Condition to reproduce

This was first observed on Feb 16, 2021. It happened every time without exception.

Issue/ Error Message details

I finished watching a video. The videoPlayComplete event was not sent until the moment I left the chat.

Accompanying respective source code


Resolution Tried

I tested the issue on an iPhone and it worked as expected (i.e. the event was sent immediately).

Reference information (Version / Platform/ environment)

Android LINE app version 11.1.1 Pixel 3 with Android 11

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I also reproduce the same it. It seems LINE app movement on Android.(Pixel 5, LINE 11.2) This can be judged as a specification in case of Android because it is not stated in the document that the event will come immediately after the playback is completed.

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