i use line bot send just 9 message in group one day , but in "Statistics",it shows my bot push 220 message in same day

hi every one

i use google script app + line bot to send message in line group

when the group has only 3 person (bot + 2 people) ,i send 10 message and "Statistics" shows psuh 35+ message

but when the group has 25+ person , send 10 message still, but "Statistics" shows psuh 220+ message one day

why is that?

pls help me

my email : rexkinkikids0923@gmail.com

大家好 我用GOOGLE表單搭配LINE BOT來做訊息的傳送 我把BOT邀進群組,當群組內只有三個成員時(包含BOT),我一天送10則訊息,後台顯示大約是push了35+個訊息 但當群組內有25+個人以上,我還是一天送10則訊息,但後台卻顯示我送出了220+個訊息 請問是為什麼? 是因為LINE就算在群組裡,發訊息的量還是會看成員數量嗎?


希望有了解的人可以幫幫我 謝謝

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When you send Push message to a group, it is counted as one message for each user in the group. For example, if you send Push message to a group of 25 people 4 times, it will be counted as 100 messages.

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