My Clova speaker doesn't recognise my test skill (in development)

Hi, I have set up a simple test skill with a web-hook endpoint, which works ok in the web-based test console within the Clova Developer Centre. However, my speaker, which is linked to the same LINE account I am using to develop the test skill, doesn't recognise the skill. Is there something specific I need to do to link the two?

I can see my test skill listed in the Clova app on my phone, under skills being tested (現在テスト中のスキル), so it does seem to be aware of it, but when I use the invocation phrase (which works in the test simulator on the web), the speaker always responds that it didn't understand - すみませんわかりませんでした

My Japanese is very basic so I might have missed something either on the developer site or the mobile app - if someone could point me into the direction of how I can test a skill that's in development on my speaker, that will be much appreciated!

Thanks, Mario.

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