Chat bot display message very slow

I am testing chat bot to reply message if user text somthing.

Chat bot reply message (flex message with image at hero section) very slow ( wait for about 10 second to get response) for first time but next time is not slow (about 1-2 seconds).

This happen if : 1.Open chat bot for the first time then try text something . 2.If leave Line idle for a long time and try to chat with bot again .

And another problem: After switch to chat with other friend and switch back to chat bot again ,it display history (flex) message very slow, and some images are not show.

My systems. 1.Webhook api => php 2.Backend => heroku 3.image size <= 100k

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I had similar experience when using free tier of Heroku

Applications that use the free dyno type will sleep. When a sleeping application receives HTTP traffic, it will be awakened - causing a delay of a few seconds. Using one of the other dyno types will avoid sleeping. https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/how-heroku-works#dyno-manager

Also try to lower the image file size as it shouldnt be that big anyway to display in a small screen?

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