With free plan does line@ official account limit number of friends?

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In 2018 I created Chanel with Messaging API I saw in chanel setting page has label "Plan" with value "For Developer" in the Line document set limit number of Bot's friends only 50. Right now I create Line@official account by create new chanel I didn't see label "Plan" at chanel setting page any more, but in page https://manager.line.biz/ (Line Official Manager) I saw status "Free", My question how many number of friend limit with bot?

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But the 'push limit of 500' is even worse! 511 friends say you get to hear from us one time per month! lol

@LINE ... PLEASE LISTEN TO REASON! 500 messages is not enough!

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no limit.

We have now removed the limit on the number of friends.

you can see detail in "Notice of problems with migration of LINE official accounts" article. https://developers.line.biz/en/news/

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