Can't add bot to group chats

I'm trying to add my bot to group chats, but for some reason, as soon as I send a message, it leaves. This is happening with both of my bots, and I hadn't seen it until I just saw this now. There is nothing in my code that would cause it, and both of them have joining group chats enabled. Is there something I'm missing here?

Here's a picture of it.

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Are you sure that "Allow bot to group chat" flag is enabled?

I tried to reproduce this issue, but the bot did not leave the group conversation.

Here are the findings on the tests that I performed:

  1. Bot joins the group chat automatically when invited to the group chat; if "Allow bot to join group chats " is enabled in developer console
  2. If "Allow bot to group chat" flag is disabled, then bot does not join the group chat, just the invite gets sent
  3. Only one bot can join a group chat at a time
  4. Bot doesn't leave group chat, as soon as message is sent
  5. If we invite 2nd bot to the group, just the invite gets sent, but the bot does not join the group chat, even if "Allow bot to join group chats " is enabled in developer console for both the bots

One sure way to confirm if the bot has joined the group chat can be checking the number of participants it displays on top of the group chat in LINE app.

If all the settings are right, then you might want to take a look at your code to find out why the bot is leaving the group chat, after the message is sent.

Thanks and regards, Gauri

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As of now, we don't support multiple bots in group chat. It's spec. We are planning to add support for multiple bots in near future. I can't give you the release date as of now. But it will be released in few months. So, you would have to wait until the support for multiple bots in same group chat is released. Keep an eye on the news here: https://developers.line.biz/en/news/

Thanks :)

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Thanks for responding Gauri,

I wasn't aware that you could only have one bot in a group. Is there any way to get around this, because the bot currently in my groups is on a host that doesn't do well with storing data, and this new bot was going to require it. Thanks.

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