I've finished LINE beacon to push Flex into Line@ and keep some data to database. But the result of iOS need to open LINE on foreground only. (Android can push in background or while screen lock).

Then I read this page https://developers.line.biz/en/docs/messaging-api/beacon-device-spec/ again then found iBeacon packet section.

Anyone can explain about it? How it work? Use for? Or what is the full RAW packet of result when joining to HWID and Secure message?

My testing devices as below:

  1. Line Official (white color)
  2. Arduino
  3. BBC Micro bit

Thank you in advance Best regards, KEN

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Hi Ken,

You can just broadcast iBeacon using the UUID, major, minor provided in the link you posted. I tried using Beacon simulator to broadcast iBeacon. LINE has registered iBeacon information in iOS region monitoring service. When the service senced the registered iBeacon, it will wake the LINE service which will then be able to read your LINE Beacon.

Cheer, Wipu Prachantasena

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