How to change the price plan?

I'm making a Messaging API Bot for my classroom, for telling about homeworks. But the message broadcasting is limited at 1000 messages. I looked up to "Pricing", it says "You can't make a purchase with the LINE account you're currently logged in with." What should I do?

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Currently there is no commercial plan for LINE@ API in Thailand. There are 2 options now.

  1. ScaleUp program : All detail and sumbitted form in https://scaleup.line.me

  2. Official Account + Business Connect : Please kindly provide this informaiton below ane send to e-mail : dl_sales_inquiry@linecorp.com

1.) Full name 2.) Contact number & email 3.) Company name 4.) Company address 5.) Business model

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There are No free plan in Thailand, Military state.

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Is there a free plan? I can't find it. https://postimg.cc/rdXB3X7H

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While creating a channel, if you selected "Developer Trial" plan, it is not possible to upgrade that plan. We suggest you create a new channel, with "Free" plan and then upgrade it to premium.


**Developer Trial**
A trial plan which lets you create a bot that can send push messages and have up to 50 friends.
Note: You cannot upgrade or buy a premium ID for a Developer Trial plan.

A plan which lets you create a bot with an unlimited number of friends. Push messages cannot be sent with this plan.
Note: You can upgrade this plan at any time.


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