How to reply a animation sticker via message API

Now bot can reply a static sticker successfully , but it failed when reply a animation sticker. We got an error message. com.linecorp.bot.client.exception.BadRequestException: Failed to send messages at com.linecorp.bot.client.ExceptionConverter.applyInternal(ExceptionConverter.java:67) at com.linecorp.bot.client.ExceptionConverter.apply(ExceptionConverter.java:48) at com.linecorp.bot.client.LineMessagingClientImpl$CallbackAdaptor.onResponse(LineMessagingClientImpl.java:193) at retrofit2.OkHttpCall$1.callSuccess(OkHttpCall.java:132) at retrofit2.OkHttpCall$1.onResponse(OkHttpCall.java:111) at okhttp3.RealCall$AsyncCall.execute(RealCall.java:141) Does Line only support static sticker?

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My bot can reply animation sticker successfully. Can you show your code?

or check your package_id and sticker_id on https://developers.line.me/media/messaging-api/sticker_list.pdf

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Are you sure? question.vm