bug report!

Use liff.openWindow() couple times, LINE will be crash

problem create step:

  1. Use Flex Message to create button, and binding URI action to start web pageA in LINE ( line://app/xxxx )
  2. Web pageA call liff.openWindow() api to start pageB, still use line://app/xxxx for pageB.
  3. The pageB call liff.openWindow() to start pageA
  4. LINE will be crash immediate!
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In my case liff.closeWindow() isn't working, I am trying to do following:

  1. User adds friend
  2. webhook received, send liff app link in message
  3. user clicks and opens liff app, agrees to terms and conditions
  4. on agreement ajax request send tokenid to server to obtain name and profile picture
  5. response should display thank you and close window.

The problem is in last step, neither thank you message displays(using jquery) nor liff window closes itself.

no errors in console. shall i drop jquery and try pure javascript instead and what about liff.closeWindow() ?

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problem code:


change to:


the issue will be fix, I think liff.openWindow() maybe block process, so liff.closeWindow() not run, that make LINE crash...

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