API Expert Request


LINE API Expert is a program that recognizes skilled engineers who have a deep understanding of the APIs provided by LINE and are influential in the community by giving them the title of "LINE API experts". In addition to providing an array of benefits, LINE will also support the various activities of these LINE API experts through this program. We hope to see many qualified engineers apply.

Membership Agreement


The Kind of "expert" We are Looking for

We expect the following three things of the LINE API experts who represent this program.

  • A discerning eye and high overall technical abilities as an engineer that extend beyond the scope of LINE-related technologies.
  • Deep understanding and development experience with the Messaging API, LINE Login and other developer APIs/SDKs provided by LINE.
  • Actively engaged in the developer community through hackathons, meetups, social media, online forums and other venues.

Although we will review the nature of your activities, there are no requirements for specific activities or the scale of your community influence to prevent you from applying. We would like to see a wide range of applicants who actively share information, who are passionate about becoming development community leaders, and who are striving to reach the next step as developers.

Various Incentives Await

Everyone recognized as a LINE API expert is a valuable partner to LINE. We have prepared an assortment of incentives to support all of your activities.

1. Information disclosure
We will provide LINE API experts an opportunity to interact with LINE products for developers earlier than everybody else, through invites to closed beta programs for partner-limited, non-public APIs and in-development APIs. We will also provide opportunities to give direct feedback to LINE development teams, through regular meetings with LINE internal engineers and CTO round tables.
2. Free provision of products
LINE beacons and other related devices will be provided as we develop them.
3. Seminar support
We will provide venues for seminars and hackathons, dispatch evangelists and engineer support staff, advertise such events through the LINE Developers official account, and otherwise support space acquisition, event operation and the attracting of attendees.
4. Business support
We will mediate requests for presenters and writers, and give you preferential matching with sales partners.

Screening Process and Term

Screening periods are held 4 times a year. Please let us know the current nature of your activities by filling out the items in the application form. Our internal review committee will review each item and follow up with you if necessary, and let those who have passed the review know within one month of the application deadline.

LINE API Expert certification is valid for one year. This certification may be renewed if the nature of your activities is sufficient and you so desire. In principle, there are no obligations that arise from becoming a LINE API expert, but we anticipate that you will actively and broadly help LINE to support all of the developers who have an interest in LINE-related technologies.

The applicants who fall into one of the following are excluded from the screening process. Thank you for your understanding.

  • ・LINE Corporation employees or former employees who have left the company within the past year.
  • ・Employees of a company which LINE Corporation deems to be a competitor.

LINE API Expert Membership Agreement

Our Expectations for Our New LINE API Experts

We would like to see LINE API Experts (meaning those who have been screened and approved by our internal review committee) promote the developer-facing products provided by LINE in their leadership roles in their developer communities, and contribute to those communities through their communication with other developers. Specifically, we hope to see you engage in the following activities in a self-directed and proactive manner.

  • Promoting better understanding of LINE API products by holding hackathons and workshops
  • Helping resolve technical concerns in various online/offline communities
  • Actively using LINE API products yourselves and providing feedback to our development teams

No specific obligations arise upon your recognition as a LINE API Expert, but when engaging in activities under that title, we ask that you act in line with the following behavioral guidelines.

LINE API Expert Behavioral Guidelines

1. Scope of applicability for the LINE API Expert title
When expressing personal opinions on social media or other venues, you are prohibited from falsely presenting your words as if they are official LINE comments. Furthermore, acts performed under the title of LINE API Expert that have potential legal ramifications (multilevel marketing, selling of information, etc.) are also prohibited.
2. Responsibility for your own word
Speakers and presenters on the internet, workshops or other venues shall bear responsibility for all of their own words and actions (whether spoken, written or otherwise). This includes all behaviors carried out as a community leader based on advice or information gained through social media, and in your interactions with other members of this program.
3. Acting sensibly
Refrain from intimidating, stalking, harassing, assaulting, slandering, disrespecting, personally attacking, making negative insinuations or speculating about others, or any other action deemed to be in conflict with this program by LINE ("the Company").
4. Confirming the accuracy of information
While acting as a distributor of information, you may not distribute inaccurate information on social media without confirming its accuracy.
5. Do not leak personal information
Be careful in your handling of any information that can be used to identify an individual, such as names, addresses, places of work and phone numbers (including information that could identify persons when matched against review-related information).
6. Do not falsely represent yourself
Pretending to be an employee, agent or manager of the Company, or an organizer of an event or another user is prohibited.
7. Complying with social norms and laws and regulations
You cannot engage in the slander of other people's reputation, obscenities, or issue, post, proliferate or advertise illegal data or documents.
8. Do not malignantly defame, in written or spoken word, the Company or other individuals or groups
Please refrain from any malicious remarks that hint at criminal activity. Defamation through writing includes posting to websites and anything written on social media, in emails, or other printed works, or any other written false remarks.
9. Comply with user agreements and the like.
Please comply with the respective user agreements and the like in the following cases.
10. Complying with NDAs
After your acceptance to this program, if you wish to receive confidential information from the Company that is not normally disclosed, you will need to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). (This type of information is categorized as "NDA Information")
By signing an NDA, you agree to not disclose NDA Information. When participating in special opportunities (events, private product betas, etc.), you may need to sign a separate NDA.

Application Guideline

Participation in this program is a privilege and the Company has the right to disaffiliate any expert member who violates the guidelines and regulations above. The decision will be made based on our original authority. Each case will be examined carefully and discuss the circumstances. Once we disaffiliate a member, all access rights and privileges given by this program will be removed immediately.
Members can decline to be an API Expert at any time.

Date of enactment: November 1st, 2017

If you have any other questions, please contact the LINE API Expert program Secretariat.

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