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Kamakura SDGs Future City Award

Provided by: Kamakura City

Overview and evaluation criteria

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of global goals set by the United Nations, and Kamakura has been selected as an SDGs Future City and an SDGs Model Project.
Submissions deemed suitable for achieving SDGs Future City Kamakura will be awarded, and support will be provided for conducting proof-of-concept.
Kamakura has been facing obstacles in creating a sustainable city in the areas of (1) tourism, (2) traffic congestion, (3) disaster prevention (tsunami, etc.), (4) city planning, and (5) attracting businesses and employment.
(1), (2), and (3) are particularly severe for both the citizens and tourists as Kamakura, a population of 170,000, sees over 20 million visitors in every year.
Please refer to the URL below for SDGs Future City.

Assumed users

Citizens of Kamakura, domestic and international tourists, businesses that provide services to people in the city.

Products / services that wish to cooperate / use

Kamakura City Open Data
Kamakura City Strategic Plan for Creating City, Talents, and Jobs
Basic Plan for the Fourth Phase of the Third Kamakura City Master Plan
Basic Plan for the Third Phase of Kamakura City Tourism Plan
Interim Report on Formulation of Traffic Planning for Kamakura Area
Please contact Policy Creation Division, Co-creation Planning Department of Kamakura City (souzo@city.kamakura.kanagawa.jp) if you require more information or data.

Points to be noted from the company concerned

Kamakura city aims to achieve SDGs Future City Kamakura through collaboration among business, government, academia, and public sectors as the city looks toward a sustainable future.
LINE BOOT AWARDS is looking for proposals on services that can continue to serve the city independently and sustainably without relying on subsidy or other public funds even after the end of competition.
We look forward to seeing ideas and challenges from many qualified developers.

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