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OMRON connect Award

Provided by: OMRON HEALTHCARE Co., Ltd.

Overview and evaluation criteria

OMRON is looking for services that will make people regularly measure and record their weight, blood pressure, daily steps, and other vital signs to help them improve and maintain their health.
The prize will go to the best idea for a service that creates a virtuous cycle in which people change their habits as a result of better awareness of their health by taking measurements regularly.

Assumed users

・Males and females around the age where they begin to notice a change in their blood pressure, weight, etc. (roughly between 35 and 59 years old)
・Seniors interested in efficient health management but who are unfamiliar with ICT

Products / services that wish to cooperate / use

While having the capability to link with medical devices that support the OMRON connect app (Ex. blood pressure monitors, body composition monitors with scale, activity monitors) is preferred, services compatible with any OMRON medical device available in stores would be accepted.

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