"Closing the Distance" is our mission to bring people, information and services closer together.

We are holding the LINE BOOT AWARDS in hopes of seeing the creation of services that will be loved by many, by creating lively communication and further enriching the touchpoints between people and things, information, and services. These services should include a variety of technical components and ideas based on the LINE messaging app and the Clova AI assistant.


Loved by Users

The service should be one that will be used continuously by users, and become a fixture in their daily lives. The service should entice users to fall even more in love with LINE and Clova.

LINE as a Platform

The service should be one that goes beyond expanding on or reapplying existing services. It should make use of the unique characteristics of LINE or Clova, as well as their respective touchpoints with users, to create new and active forms of two-way communication.


It should combine various APIs and services, etc. and show a degree of completeness worthy of being called a "service," and not be a mere feature. Not only does it have a vision, but it has the makings of a completely realized service.


  • Grand Prize
    10 million yen
  • Sponsored Theme Award
    500,000yen + additional prizes from the respective sponsor

    Awards will be granted to services that provide the best solutions to the themes provided by the sponsoring companies or organizations.

  • Category Award
    500,000 yen

    Awards will be granted to services that meet the various categories set by LINE.

  • Partner's Pick Award
    Additional prizes from the respective companies

    Awards will be granted to services judged by the criteria set by the partners working with the LINE BOOT AWARDS.

Category Award

  • Family Category

    An award will be granted to a service that facilitates or sparks conversations among family members, and encourages them to communicate more with each other.

  • Business / Work Category

    An award will be granted to a service that adds a little spice to daily work-related chores to help make them easier and fun.

  • Home Hacking Category

    Because people spend a lot of their time at home, an award will be granted to a service that makes homes more comfortable, and inspires people to spend more time in their own homes.

  • Casual Category

    An award will be granted to a fun, simple service that provides a perfect way for passing small pockets of time.

  • Group Category

    An award will be granted to a service that facilitates and sparks communication in groups of all sizes.

  • Engineer Category

    An award will be granted to a service that wins the hearts of engineers, whether it be one of convenience, fun, or otherwise. * This award will be evaluated only by engineers, with the emphasis being placed on how much the service is a hit among them rather than on any set evaluation criteria.

  • Student Category

    An award will be granted to an outstanding service developed and submitted by a student or a team of students (category and theme does not affect eligibility).


  • July 12

    Details Announced

  • August

    Applications Opened

  • October 10

    Applications Closed

  • November 10

    Final Round


Grand Prize

  • Administrative Team
    Online evaluation
  • Final Round
    Demo presentation
  • Final Round
  • Award

Sponsored Theme Award

  • Administrative Team
    Online evaluation
  • Sponsoring companies and organizations
    Online evaluation
  • Final Round
  • Award

Category Awards / Partner Awards

  • Administrative Team / Partners
    Online evaluation
  • Award


Entry is open to both individuals and companies, regardless of age, country of residency, or other conditions.
Entries must be actual services that use either a LINE account using the Messaging API and/or a Clova Skill that uses the Clova Extensions Kit, and must be a public service which meets the rules at the time of evaluation.
There are rules regarding right to priority negotiations with sponsors with regard to the respective sponsor awards. Please be sure to read the relevant rules when entering.

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